You will need to speak with me personally, Randy Merrell, to schedule an appointment. Additionally I would request that when you call we have 8 or 10 minutes for me to learn about your feet and their history. Of course you are welcome to call with questions, however if you desire a lengthy telephone consultation we will need to schedule a time, and I will request a consult fee.

I believe in answering my own phone, and I nearly always do. I have seriously considered hiring a receptionist or answering service-but you would want to talk with me anyway. Inasmuch as I do business across several time zones I try to keep my phone close. But, there are times when I can't take calls. Sometimes I am intently involved with a client, sometimes I am in the Grand Canyon. Often on Saturdays I don't take calls, and never on Sundays. If you get my voice mail please leave a message. Tell me what you would like to talk about and give me all the numbers and times when you can be reached.

I also do not make appointments for more than 90 days in advance, nor do I see clients on week-ends. Appropriate scheduling is integral to a successful outcome. I need enough of your time to do my job right, the first time. Some of my clients just want and need a very nice pair of boots that fit well-with the assumption being that to have their feet measured should not take longer than a hair cut. Actually, in addition to measuring the feet we need to jointly design the features of the boot and select materials. Plus, I insist upon selecting the last while you are here, setting it up to fit your feet and making a "fitters model" to test the fit of the last on your feet. All of this typically takes about a half day.

When we make the jump from made-to-measure boots to solving bio-mechanical problems I usually need 3 or 4 days of your time. We all know that solving problems in our lives requires a mixture of commitment, knowledge, time, money, cleverness, and effort. If you are coming here to have a challenge with your feet addressed you will need to arrange for enough time to allow us to have a successful outcome.
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